We make trucker caps.
Because we like trucker caps.

If you want, we’ll make one for you.

Every cap has a meaning. You may not ever know what it is, but every one matters. Each one has a story. A purpose. A history. A connection that may only exist for one person in this world. 

“Getting a Craighead is like having a piece of someone else’s inside joke. But you have no context. Only the punchline.”


We have an awesome affiliate marketing program. If you love caps, and want to help share the story, we will share with you!

We release new pieces when we feel like it. If you want to see the new stuff, sign up and we’ll let you know when they land in the shop :).


This isn’t a big machine. We just make caps. Hopefully you like them. If you do, and you buy one, we use the money to get stuff for our kids, lighten the mortgage payment, or pick up a case of beer.

Thanks for making our lives a little better every day!

When you buy from us, you get your very own referral code. Anyone who uses it gets $5 off their first order. Every time your code gets 10 uses, you get a free cap!

Once in a while we do a random draw from everyone on our mailing list, and make a one off, signed, custom designed cap. Just for you! We will build it around your life, something special to you, or something you want. We’ll send you yours for free, and put your cap up in the shop. For every one of your caps that sells, you get $5. 


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